Following the sudden closure of our original hosting provider we have moved to a new hosting provider and re-built the shop from the ground up.

With little forewarning, and Christmas fast approaching, we were forced to relocate our hosting. Unfortunately, all did not go as planned due to a partially corrupt backup, and we were forced to rebuild the online shop from scratch. There has been a positive to all this upheaval, we have been able to deal with a couple of small issues which were a problem with the old site. We now have GDPR compliance fully functional. It was there on the old site, but users had to manually request a review, or deletion of their data. This is now fully automated, and the cookies warning bar is working for everyone.

The down side of the rebuild is that users who had previously registered on the site will have to do so again. Our apologies for this, but we had to delete the user data from the old servers before they went offline and this information was part of the corrupted backup data. We hope this does not pose too much of an inconvenience to anyone.

The site is also missing the blog posts. These are being reformatted for the new site, and should be posted over the nest few days.

If you have any questions, or discover and issues with the new site please contact us and let us using the contact form that can be accessed at the bottom of the page.

4N Solid Silver in PTFE headshell leads
While researching high purity silver wire for audio interconnects we came across some excellent 4N solid core....
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