The Lenco P77 is a rare beast, and one of the most unique vintage tonearm you are likely to come across. We have had one in our system here for the last 4 years, and it gets regular use on the Thorens TD-124. As a high mass arm it is ideally suited to low compliance cartridges, and is a great match for the Denon DL-103.

As most folks will never have seen one of these arms up close, we thought we would put together a short video showing the major features of the arm, and it main component parts.

Mat matters
One of the problems most vintage turntables face, and the Lenco is no exception, are platters which ring badly. The rubber platter mat found on most t...
What to do with small, leftover, bits of silver wire?
The answer, use them to replace the leads on your favourite MC cartridge....
Wednesday 07th April 2021

No demo of the cuing function?
Does the arm rest function as the cue lift?
Thanks for the video, interesting and seemingly rare arm.
Take care

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