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Published on January 2020

Spark suppression for your Lenco

A better solution to switch arcing is a RC suppression, or snubber, network. This employs a resistor and capacitor in series, and is more effective at dealing with inductive arcing which occurs during switch activation....
a Sunday 05 January, 2020
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Mat matters

One of the problems most vintage turntables face, and the Lenco is no exception, are platters which ring badly. The rubber platter mat found on most turntables controls this ringing to some extent, but there are better solutions now available....
a Sunday 05 January, 2020
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Clean power the DIY way

While cleaning out a storage cupboard in the workshop we came across a nice little 10amp power filter, so we just had to do something with it....
a Sunday 05 January, 2020
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